Monday, February 1, 2016

Just trying to help others out there.

Hello. This blog will be following the same style other websites that cover bootleg "Lego-like" toys have. So far, as a fan, I've only found one blogger site, one facebook page, and one youtube account that cover these products regularly. The links to their sites are:

The links are provided so that all who visit this site may also know about them and may even find what they're looking for in the above links instead of in this blog.

For my first few posts, they will be around these new items:

These items were purchased from local stores and not through online websitew, though more often than not, they appear online (AliExpress, etc) earlier, if not the same time as my local stores.

I also have some older items, but they have been built already and lots of them lack their boxes, so feel free to comment/request anything. I would be glad to provide some answers/pictures to the items I already have.

For any comments/suggestions, feel free to contact me here. I would be delighted to respond to comments as soon as possible.

Any requests (for products) would be open to discussion as well, as long as I can find the product (preferably from the more popular bootleg brands such as Sheng Yuan, Decool, etc.) and afford it. (I'm just a student so I don't really earn money) .\


  1. I love bootleg blogs and yea there are not many blogs and reviews about bootleg stuff. Keep blogging! I'm a regular reader at those blogs/sites you mentioned.

    Are you from Malaysia?

    1. Thank you for the time! I'm from the Philippines, but I think the stores here and the stores in Malaysia (from what i've seen in other blogs) have the same goods, but if I do have some unique things seen here, I'll be there to share them with you guys! :)