Monday, February 1, 2016

SY Sheng Yuan | Captain America Mech Exo-Suit with Hydra Soldier | SY516B

The box of the mech. 

Looks kinda similar to Lego's Rhino mech (inspired by The Amazing Spiderman's Rhino) 

Can combine with Iron Man version of the mech. 

Instructions for the Captain America Mech. 

Instructions for combined Captain America and Iron Man mech. Apparently, you're gonna have to start from scratch. Meaning, you'll have to disassemble your sets to create the combined mech. (Or so it seems, no clear instructions.)

4 bags inside the box. 

The mini-figs included. Captain America (classic/not-Avengers movie) and Hydra Soldier (classic/not-Avengers movie) 

(Markings on Hydra Soldier's arm came from lighting, the plastic is all good when seen live) 

Side view. 

Back view. Very nice back-head design for the Hydra Soldier with that letter H logo at the back. 

Comparison of two Captain America bootleg minifigures. Left is the mech's Captain America. Right is Sheng Yuan's set-of-8 Avengers 2's Captain America. 

The mech itself doesn't have stickers, only one part has print and it's the shield with a (I think) S.H.I.E.L.D. logo.

The torso of the mech. 

The torso again. You can open/close the two parts on top and below the torso. This is wear the minifig will stay.

The arms of the mech. Left arm with the shield. Right arm with two-barreled blasters. 

The legs and feet of the mech. Split into two which allows for more posing. 

The mech beside the minifigs. (Cockpit opened) 

How the cockpit looks like. (Where Captain America will "stand" on.) Actually, he won't really stand on it, he will simply attach to it, with the two bottom holes of the minifig's legs. 

How he is attached to the mech. 

With closed lower torso.

With mech's head put down. Again, it kinda looks like Lego's Rhino. I hope SY makes their own version of that set as well. 

This mech compared to the older Captain America mech. Both come from SY. (Sheng Yuan) (Captain America minifig in the middle = SY's set-of-8 Minifig)

Almost forgot to show the back view of the mech. 

Side views. 

Lastly, these stud shooters also work well. 

Overall, the mech was solidly built. Though as known by a lot of others, buying from bootleg brands more often than not could be hit-or-miss when it comes to product quality. But from all of these brands, SY would have to be my favorite and most recommended because of the nicer quality + better looking designs. 

For the next post, I still can't decide if it will be one of the 3 other mechs from SY or one of the 2 mechs (Superman/Batman) from Elephant brand.

Feel free to comment/suggest! :) 


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    1. Thanks bro! Noted! I'll start updating and checking on the options this coming weekend, it's my first time on Blogger. Unfortunately though, I already took pics for some of my next few posts, more or less 5 posts are in queue right now, I'll see if I'll retake the shots because I don't have too much time :( But rest assured, the next posts will have better lighting and format!! Thanks, bro! Really appreciate it :)

  2. Wow at least captain americas' face is spot on. All ive got is the "frog-look" cap from the quinjet.

    1. Yes! HAHA Well if you look closely, the Capt here is not the Avengers 2 mold (AoU mold = frog eyed because some of them came with helmets) So that's actually a welcome change haha