Tuesday, February 2, 2016

JX Elephant Brand | Batman Mech with Nebula (Batman wars Nebula) | JX60003A

Box pics. This Batman Mech comes with a Gamora mini fig (as well as a Batman Minifig of course)
Labeled as "Batman wars Nebula"


Instructions were confusing at first because the colors of the parts would change to gray in the next panel. This came out to be kinda useful after some time because it showed me which parts I actually needed since these parts were the colored parts.

5 bags + 1 big cape + 1 mini cape + 1 instruction manual in the box.

The cape has different fabric from Sheng Yuan's. The other side kinda attracts more dust but feels softer. The other side feels and looks more like the traditional ones Sheng Yuan uses.

Bigger one is for the mech.

The "softer" side.

The "traditional" side.


Minifig's helmet has that tiny leftover-type plastic. 

Before anything, general brick quality is okay. Average. Some blocks have some scratches out of the box. Most pieces fit well easily though, and not loose. Scratches as seen below. Only a few pieces were like this.

The set also doesn't have stickers. Only one part has print, and it's already printed on the piece. 

Mech parts.

The mech.

Finger articulation is great. Looks nice too.

Gamora's flyer/glider. Has an awkward position for Gamora; she uses it by standing on it with one leg only.

Back to the Batman mech. This hand is loose, though it could probably be fixed by replacing the parts with others of the same type. Maybe next time.

Where the cape is attached.

The mech with cape. Final product.

Overall, the product was great especially after my not-so-good expectations. I usually only buy SY or Decool as the quality of their products are more often than not better than other bootlegs and comparable to Lego's. Really wished Elephant would create more Marvel products though, or even more products in general.

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  1. Hi, That's not Gamora, she's Nebula
    She is a strong alian supervillian and once defeated Thanos. It takes a loose band heroes consisting of Adam Warlock, Doctor Strange, the Silver Surfer, Thor, the Hulk, Firelord, Doctor Doom and Drax the Destroyer to oust her.

  2. LOL they may have produced too much Nebula figs that they throw her in this site to get rid of them.


  3. When does Gamora/Nebula became a villain in DC?!...I thought they were characters from Marvel...