Saturday, February 13, 2016

JX Elephant Brand | Superman Mech with Red Skull (Superman wars Red Skull) | JX60003B

Elephant's (or JX, as online retailers refer to them) 2nd of 2 DC mechs. The first being Batman's, click here to check that out.

"Superman wars Red Skull"

5 bags in the box, with two capes. The capes don't come in packaging like Sheng Yuan's. Instructions in the box as well as expected.

The minifigs: 
(Sorry about lighting :( )

Superman's minifig's torso's print is not centered. :( Might be an isolated case, so go ahead and share if you'd like to down below!

Printing at the back of Superman, even though it would naturally be covered by the cape. 

No stickers. Parts come printed: 

The legs of the mech: 

The arms: 

This part is loose, the hand to be exact. Could have included more parts for support. 

The torso: 

The mech fully assembled:

Looks great generally, but the legs look kinda thin in my opinion.

Back view: 

Side views: 

With Superman on it: 

Cape attached through the circle things on the torso:

Red Skull with his stationary gun thing: 

The 2 mechs side by side: 
I really think Superman's is built more solidly in terms of design and articulation. 
To see Batman mech, click here

Side by side with SY's Hulkbuster: 

In preparation for Dawn of Justice!!! Even though Superman is most likely stronger than a mech.. 

So I added support for the palm so that it doesn't fall off too easily anymore. 

Feel free to express yourselves down below!!! Suggestions and requests are appreciated! :) 


  1. Why Supes is fighting a marvel villain? Oh bootlegers!

    1. I know right, weird HAHA same with Batman vs Nebula set, even weirder combination because Nebula isn't even a big time villain, not as big as Red Skull at least. HAHA