Tuesday, February 9, 2016

SY Sheng Yuan | Avengers Mech Exo-Suits (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk)

Just a compilation post of all 4 Rhino-like mechs. To see the individual mechs better, scroll down to see previous posts!

The mechs themselves. They were a pleasure to build, but not as much satisfaction finishing them compared to when finally finishing bigger, more advanced sets. These mechs were very easy to build. Still fun though. 

The included minifigs were great, but they were used molds already. Personally had 2 or more of each of the included minifigs except for Hydra Soldier and Loki. (And Hulk, but I already have 3 Hulk bigfigs, 1 Bruce Banner, 1 Red Hulk, 1 Gray Hulk.) 

The minifigs fit well in their mechs, except for Iron Man and Hulk, you had to remove their headpieces to fully close the rhino-like head. (Not sure how they really should look like because there's only one image of each on the box, and all of these images had the rhino heads open instead of closed.)

Still hoping that SY releases the set below. That Rhino mech looks nice, and the Sand Man minifig would be a new addition. + Iron Spider with extended arms, because the last Iron Spider mini fig SY released didn't have extended arms (spider arms/legs).

Feel free to comment/suggest!! 

Still not sure if I'm gonna review their combined forms because I'm not sure if I have the time to reassemble the mechs just to make bigger combined versions of them. Enough feedback could persuade me though. Please leave any comments, suggestions, or requests! I'll respond to them as soon as possible! :) 

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