Monday, February 8, 2016

SY Sheng Yuan | Hulk Mech Exo-Suit with Wolverine | SY517B

The 4th and last of the new mechs by SY. 

Hulk comes with a Wolverine minifig. This mech can also combine with Thor's mech. 

The instructions for the mech itself and the combined mech of Thor and Hulk:

4 bags in the box, same with the others. 

The torso of the mech: 

The arms: 
Comes with 3 fingers each. 

The legs of the mech: 

The minifigs: 
Hulk and Wolverine

No side printing for Hulk's shorts. :( 

Ugly face for Wolverine, they should have stuck to the goggles face, but hey I don't think I'll remove his helmet anyway.  

No back print for the heads, maybe because they're old molds from SY.

False advertising!! The one in the box shows a green colored Wolverine instead of the usual blue, yet the minifig included still does have the usual blue on Wolverine. 

The Hulk included is a minifig instead of the bigfig. Would be interesting to see a mech for a bigfig though. 

Hulk attached to his mech: 

The mech's head doesn't fully close because of Hulk minifig's hair.

(Sorry for bad lighting but I hope you can see the mech's head being not fully closed. )

Shot of the mech with the minifig's hair removed, now it's a more closed mech. 

The mech beside the old Hulk mech, or should I say Bruce Banner mech. 

Back part of the mech: 

Sides of the mech: 

Really sorry for the bad lighting. I've yet to find a nice spot at home for the pics so sorry. I'll be fixing these soon with my new posts. Still, thank you for tuning in. More feedback would be appreciated. 

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  1. Wolverine has such a scary unmasked face, lol.
    And why would Hulk need a mecha suit? I mean he's Hulk afterall.

    1. Still not as bad as the new red batman minifig from SY! HAHA

      (From and idk how to add pics in comments sorry huhu)

  2. This hulk minifigure is of a 2012 set so the original lego has also pants on the front only.

    You can see it here :

  3. I guess we can just pretend that this Hulk is the 1978 one! HAHA

    (IDK how to add pictures in comments.. sorry haha)

    1. You can use tag (img)your_link_to img(/img)
      All brackets should be square [] ! I made them round as it will be shown as an absent picture if I'll make them square. I hope you understood me lol.

    2. [img][/img] I can't seem to make it work huhu

  4. Oops. Wrong symbol. \img - try this way