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SY Sheng Yuan | Iron Man and Captain America Combined Mech Exo-Suit | SY516

The combined mech of Iron Man's and Captain America's. The instructions come in two pages: one comes from Iron Man and the next from Captain America's. (The back pages for their solo mechs' instructions)

All the parts of both Iron Man's and Capt's mech: 
Honestly, I find it weird that Lego (and in result, bootleggers as well) provide way too big boxes for their products. I mean, those boxes probably cost them money right? My point is, one box of these two mechs could have fit all those parts, plus more. But at least the boxes look nice, and make the contents more protected! 

Thank you for this Lego removing tool for making the disassembling of the solo mechs easier! I think I got this from an SY set, the Iron Man/Tony Stark base thing with lots of armors or SY Avengers Tower or SY Avengers 2 Quinjet, or maybe somewhere else! 

Torso of the combined mech: 
The parts used were mixed from both mechs so you really have to disassemble the mechs to build their combined forms. 

The arms of the combined mech: 
Blue and red respectively, not a good sign for people who love symmetry, but as a combined mech, I think it still works well. 

The instructions didn't tell us to put the glowing circle piece on the palm of the hand but I think it's better to put one there. It's only natural since Iron Man's gloves have them as repulsor things that he uses to blast his enemies, plus they look way nicer. 

Turn the arms around though and you'll see more red than blue. The shield, I think is too small though for this mech and even for Captain America's solo mech. 

The legs of the combined mech: 
Legs are, I think, almost the same, if not the same, as the solo mechs' legs. The still work well though, and again there's not much symmetry going on because of their combined nature. Despite that, still more symmetry compared to the arms. 

The remaining parts after building the combined mech: 
I don't know how useful these extra parts will be for me, I guess I'll have to wait for more extra parts so I can build MOC figures. Assuming I find the time. :( 

The mech with the minifigs: 
Avengers (2012) Iron Man and Captain America? 
The build is solid, though I did find the joints somewhat loose. What's weird is that back when they were used in their solo counterparts, they felt more solid. I don't know if this is a sign of wear and tear or if I just didn't notice their looseness before. I guess we can easily replace the parts but the loose joints make it hard to pose the mech. 

The minifig still fits nicely inside. Still don't know though how SY really wants us to close the head, if it remains open like in the box, or closed like Lego's Rhino. 

Removed Tony's helmet to let the mech's head close a little bit tighter. Personal preference I guess, instructions don't say if you fully close the mech's head or not. 

One of the hands wields the Captain America mech's shield. Again, the shiled is just way too small. Also would have loved the classic star Captain America shield instead! 

The combined mech beside the two other solo mechs: Thor and Hulk

As you can see, the size difference isn't that noticeable if any. More or less the same as the solo mechs. Even the bulk isn't noticeable! 

Great combined mech, prefer this over the solo ones except it's weird the a combined mech of TWO heroes can only house one. Would have loved it if the other minifig had space inside the mech as like a co-pilot or something like that. Well there we go, more parts could have meant more space for a second mech pilot (which could have been the 2nd of the two heroes) but I guess SY wanted the hero to go solo. I guess this will result to Civil War.. 

Check out the uncombined mechs of Iron Man and Captain America

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