Thursday, February 4, 2016

SY Sheng Yuan | Iron Man Mech Exo-Suit with The Mandarin | SY516A

2nd of 4 of Sheng Yuan's brand new Marvel mechs!

As you can see, the mech can combine with Captain America's mech.


Back page of Iron Man mech's instructions:

Back page of Captain America Mech's instructions:
(That's why I found Capt's back page instructions weird, I didn't know it was a continuation of Iron Man's.)

4 bags inside the box.

The parts of the Mech:

Torso parts folded:



The minifigs:
(Old molds I think. The Mandarin is an old mold for sure, same as that Iron Man vs Mandarin (with vehicle) set))
(Mandarin comes with removable mustache)

No back prints for the heads.

The mech beside the minifig:

Iron Man's legs' two bottom holds stick to a 2x1 brick part on the mech for support.

You need to remove Iron Man's helmet to really close the headpiece of the mech.

The back part of the mech:

Sides of the mech:

The mech with Captain America's version:

They have the same method of attaching minifigs to the mech.

Iron Man mech beside the older mech that's also SY. You can see the different type of red used. Despite the new mech being taller, the older mech still had more parts and ultimately, in my opinion, the better mech. Though this new mech is its own design and is still a nice addition to anyone's mech collection. (But they could have used a darker red, maybe maroon or crimson, but that's all up to preference)

Feel free to comment, suggest, and even ask questions or request! :) I'll reply as soon as I can.

More posts to come! (The two more mechs, a Superman Mech, and a starfighter from Star Wars!)


  1. Shen Yuan sure loves to issue mech suits.
    Btw do you buy them at Aliexpress or somewhere else?

    1. I know right, wish they'd release mechs for new characters at least :( I buy them from my local stores, I'm located in the Philippines if that matters to you haha

    2. Oh, I see. I was curious because of boxes. Seems like Local stores always sell blocks in boxex.
      I buy minifigs at Ali and always choose no box version.

    3. There are times when I see my local stores unpacking the bags (of bricks) from their shipments and the boxes for the sets separately. So I see them manually placing the bags of the parts into their respective boxes. That's why I think that sometimes it's not the bootleg brand's fault your set's parts are incomplete but the store's. But that's just what I think from what I've seen.

    4. That's understandable as some sellers at Ali seem to have boxes separately. I mean bags with minifigs and details aren't packed in the box originally by the factory. If they were, I doubt so much sellers would unpack them to sell minifigs.
      Also sometimes version with box costs twice as no box version.