Friday, February 19, 2016

SY Sheng Yuan | Thor and Hulk Combined Mech Exo-Suit | SY517

The combined mech of Thor's and Hulk's. The instructions come in two pages: one comes from Thor and the next from Hulk's. (The back pages for their solo mechs' instructions)

All the parts of the two solo mechs, disassembled. (Didn't disassemble Thor's hammer anymore because it looks great and it's gonna be reused in the combined mech anyway.)

The torso of the combined mech: 
Fits one minifig. The head and belly moves to make space for the minifig pilot.

The arms: 
One comes with the hammer. Not much symmetry here, would prefer the gray/blue design from Thor's mech but I guess it's only fair to have some green in their for Hulk. 

The legs: 
The legs have more symmetry than the arms. Meaning, the parts look more similar to each other compared to the arms where one is green and the other blue/gray.

The combined mech with the minifigs: 
Mini-Hulk seems rare in my opinion, I have seen lots of the big Hulks and well I've seen this mini-Hulk before but not as much. Great that they included him in this set. Bruce Banner could have been an option as well but they already released an old Mech with Bruce Banner and other Avengers 2 character counterparts of the 3 other heroes. 

The mech itself: 
The size of this mech isn't as big as some people would expect it to be. Meaning, for two mechs combined, their size is more or less the same as a single of those mechs. 

Placed Hulk inside because let's assume he lost his strength hence his minifig size now instead of his normal, bigfig size. Haha! Sorry, Thor, no space for you.. 

Articulation is just as good as the other mechs. Which could also be bad news because the other mechs aren't too articulated anyway, but it really depends on your standards! These do well for their sizes and design. 

The combined mech beside their fellow Avengers' combined mech, Iron Man and Captain America

The remaining parts after combining the two mechs: 
These extra parts are great because with them, you'd be able to make adjustments for your mech, or maybe even build new ones! Maybe try a combined mech of all 4 characters Sheng Yuan provided. 

The shoulder of one of the arms was very loose which made it hard to pose the mech. Could probably fix it by switching the parts, but despite that, more support would have been appreciated from the desginers at Sheng Yuan. 

Also, you can't really move the hands too well because of the shape of the hand itself and the arms. Meaning, less ability to pose, but generally good enough. They can hold a minifigure at the right angle and give you some other posing. 

Again, really wish there was another slot/cockpit for a second minifig since it combines mechs from TWO characters and not just ONE. 

The combined mech was still a good set though, I prefer them combined actually rather than solo, but that's all up to preference already. Still waiting for other characters' mechs though, or even just Lego imitation sets, but right now these are all the new Marvel sets from SY (except new minifig sets).

Check out the solo mechs here: Thor's and Hulk's

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