Saturday, February 6, 2016

SY Sheng Yuan | Thor Mech Exo-Suit with Loki | SY517A

The 3rd of 4 mechs Sheng Yuan released recently.

The mech can combine with Hulk's mehc.

Instructions for the Thor mech and the combined mech of Thor and Hulk:

4 bags included in the box.

Minifigs included are Thor and Loki.

Without their capes:

With their headpieces and weapons:
(Loki's scepter is attached to like a sai minifig weapon, that pointy thing)

No back face printing.

Not sure if these are Avengers movie molds or classic ones.

The torso of the mech:

Side view of the torso:

Thor's Mjolnir in mech form:

The hands of the mech:

The right hand only comes with 2 fingers, instead of the 3rd finger, it comes with a different piece to attach the hammer.

The legs of the mech:

The mech fully assembled:

The minifig is attached to the mech the same way the other sets do, scroll down to see the other mechs! Cape kinda gets in the way, but you can still make it work, make them attach.

Articulation is okay, not much you can do at that size and parts, but so far so good. Parts were well built as well, no loose connections.

The mech's headpiece can fully close even with Thor minifig's hair still attached, unlike the other mechs where you had to remove their headpieces to fully close the mech head.

The new mech compared to the old mech. Both come from SY. I like to think of the new mech as Rhino-like and the old mech as more of mini Hulkbuster.

The Thor mech with the 2 others. Hulk Rhino-like mech coming soon!

Captain America Mech
Iron Man Mech 

Sorry about the bad pictures, It has been noted that I need to take better pictures, lighting, etc. There will be better pictures for my new posts, except for the next 3 or so because I've already taken pictures of those so sorry. Feel free to request if you want to see certain parts of my posts/ask questions about them!

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  1. I got this recently as well. Really liked the build. From the box images, I don't think the cover is meant to be closed fully. More like partially which still looks ok. I think I prefer these mechs compared to the more bulkier once produced by SY. Haven't tried the combination build yet though. I think this combination build would be more similar to SY's hulk buster type of mechs.

    1. In terms of posing and articulation, they are for sure better than the bulkier ones. The bulkier ones are a pain to pose, at least for me, because well the parts are bulky + some are loose.

      I've already combined the mechs actually, I'll be posting them soon. They're in my queue already. But if anything, don't expect them to be twice as large as the solo mechs, to me it's like the size didn't even change. (But I do think they look better than their solo counterparts) Stay tuned for the posts!