Monday, December 26, 2016

Bootleg Lego Lightsabers, Guns, and Accessories

This store in AliExpress definitely caught my eye. They sell minifigs a lot sure, but the accessories really caught my attention. They're unbranded though but that's less of an issue compared to minifigs/bigger sets.

It is highly possible that Lego doesn't produce most of these accessories so having a bootleg Lego supply of these isn't too bad. Those lightsabers look so nice and I'm sure lots of customizers, especially custom Jedi/Sith makers will gladly enjoy this. 

These weapons are for the army builders. Or maybe one whole set of guns for your single The Punisher minifig? Deadpool? Who? Hehe. 

I am in no way advertising for this seller but I do know a lot of you guys buy from this seller. If any of you encounter the seller and receive crap items or get scammed, feel free to tell me and we'll get the news out! 

Also, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you guys do more research on these accessories and where to get them because there may be other sellers selling at cheaper prices / better policies! This post was really just about informing my customizer readers about such accessories being sold! 

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