Friday, December 30, 2016

Bootleg Star Wars Rogue One Buildable Figures from KSZ Space Wars

KSZ is back at what it's known for. 

Well I honestly only know KSZ for their buildable figures. This one is Rogue One's Jyn Erso. Was never a fan of the human-faced buildable figures, especially compared to the ones with helmets who look way better. 

Now for Rogue One's Death Trooper. Hmmm, seems like a good addition to any buildable figures collector's collection. 

Now for who I think is very interesting, in terms of product design. K-2SO's figure just looks great. I think it captures his look in the film quite well, though looking a bit skinnier even though he's already very slim in the movie. 

A little modification here and there and some colors and I think we can make him a Sentinel from the X-Men universe. What do you think? 

For those who are unaware, KSZ has been around of some time now releasing buildable figures like Darth Vader above. I don't know how good the quality of these figures are compared to Lego but they aren't at all crap [looking at you, LeLe].

On a side note, it's interesting to see that KSZ used Space Wars as the name since SY already uses Space Wars as the name of their Star Wars bootlegs.. Could it be that SY also owns KSZ? Possibly but that's just an assumption. What do you guys think?

[I am not affiliated with the store, buy at your own risk. I recommend searching for other sellers as well.]

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