Monday, December 26, 2016

Bootleg Tantive IV from Lepin Star Plan aka Lego Star Wars

Yes, it's the famous ship from Star Wars Episode IV.

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I don't know this thing's scale size but it looks detailed enough to be actually good! Hoping to see more pictures soon! 

Not much else to say, but on a side note, Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you all receive lots of Lego/Bootlego gifts! Haha! 

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  1. This one looks amazing. My list of what I want to get keeps growing; imperial shuttle, slave I (if they fix the odd red pieces or drop the price) and now this one.

    1. I asked a aliexpress store. This set doesn't come with any figures. Not that it matters.

    2. Probably because it's not the type of set that's scaled with its minifigs unlike the X-wing or Tie fighter. Still though, the other big ships from Star Plan have minifigs.. Hmmm, must be from Lego's design when they copied it haha