Thursday, December 22, 2016

Marvel's Gwenpool Minifig from New Brand?

Spotted this one online. 

No brand though, but I think she comes with other Deadpools that we've already seen. This one's unique though! 

I'm not sure if the character really uses a crossbow, though I'm sure she uses guns, but crossbow accessory isn't so bad. 

Again, no brand. Will this end up to be just the same as POGO? Like that Game of Thrones set of minifigs that weren't reported as POGO but then they actually were. (Unless POGO simply released their own) 

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One of the links below mention the brand as POGO while the other mentions the brand as TARKEE.. Won't be surprised if this one's from POGO but what is TARKEE? Hmm.

IT'S FROM DECOOL! Thanks to reddit user superspurs18 for the heads up! :)


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