Friday, December 23, 2016

McDonalds Branch by Sembo Block

How is it 4 in 1? 

"S.D ORIGINALITY" I have no idea what that means but I doubt this is an original by Sembo Block. 

Still, quite an interesting set. Plus, it lights up! I honestly would get this set, if I had money, for the Ronald McDonald minifig. Beware Joker, a new clown is in town! Haha. 

Quality wise, I am 90% sure this will be a good one because if I'm correct, Sembo Block is the same as Sheng Yuan. We all know that Sheng Yuan is one of the best, if not the best, in terms of quality; it's just that they're really slow in releasing, but at least DLP [which they also own] has been releasing newer minifigs quicker and quicker recently. 

Will you be picking this up? Or will you wait for obese minifigs to be released first so they can be "fit in" the fast food-McDonalds theme? Haha Share your thoughts below! And don't forget to like us on Facebook!


This is where the 4-in-1 gimmick comes in. Thanks Anonymous from the comments for the tip!



  1. I searched it on ali. Only two stores have this set but it's very expensive. You could get almost any creator lepin for cheaper.

  2. 2016 New SD6901 1729Pcs LED McDonald's restaurant Model Building Kits Minifigure Blocks Bricks Compatible Children Toys Gift
    (from AliExpress Android) you can see the 4 versions there