Wednesday, December 21, 2016

More Lego Batman Bootlegs from Duo Le Pin

Very happy to see more work from Duo Le Pin. 

I'd say that Duo Le Pin is like the traditional Chinese bootleg toy maker. Always including unnecessary things, like I assume, that speedboat in the picture. Though it says "combined into a plane". Oh well, generic Chinese bootleggers.. 

Though don't let that generic fake toys label fool you, DLP has been very good at producing quality minifigs. Still waiting to get my hands on their new Spider-Man set. 

Well now they're doing the same for Batman. If I'm not mistaken, these minifigs come from the upcoming Lego Batman Movie. 

Do you think DLP can beat POGO's quality in terms of these minifigs that POGO already released? Share your thoughts below and don't forget to like us on Facebook!


  1. DLP always has superb quality, while Pogo sometimes has issues. Though I haven't received Pogo Batman Movie set and have to order this one yet so can't say for sure

    1. Just got DLP's second Spider-Man set and I must say, still not disappointed!

      I'd really love to start a Batman collection, even more than an Ironman collection, but alas my wallet says no.. Haha. I still enjoy sharing these new pictures with you guys though :)