Monday, December 12, 2016

More New Bootleg Lego Technic Sets from Lepin Technician

Lepin outs new Technic sets. Okay, I am honestly not sure how new these sets are but no harm done if I share them anyway. Although I am certain that these are copies of Lego Technic sets for 2017!

This one is copied from Lego's 42602-1 Container Yard

This one is copied from Lego's 42064-1 Ocean Explorer,

This one is copied from Lego's 42063-1 BMW R1200 GS Adventure

This one is copied from Lego's 42065-1 RC Tracked Racer. Perhaps the most interesting one because it comes with a remote control!

This one is copied from Lego's 42066-1 Air Race Jet. Another Avenjet anyone? Lol. 

I'm not really a Technic fan but perhaps some of you are, so I might as well share what I found! Be careful though because I've read about some bad Lepin Technic sets before; I'd suggest you read through reviews before picking some of them up especially if they're expensive! 

Do you think Lepin has improved their quality? Share your answers and other thoughts below! And don't forget to like us on Facebook!


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