Monday, December 12, 2016

Non-Lego Bootleg Pokemon by Sheng Yuan?

Sheng Yuan recently released a seemingly non-Lego set. 


Though that is easily disproved once you see the inside of the pokeball which contains Lego studs. 

Pikachu with a purple pokeball.

Clefairy with a blue pokeball. 

Bulbasaur with an inverted normal pokeball.

Gengar with an inverted pokeball, but this one seems more orange than red. 

Honestly, these figures just look horrible. It's really a surprise to me since I know, and lots of others do to, that Sheng Yuan's one of those bootleggers who actually make real good quality bootlego. Oh well, maybe Chinese kids really like these things. 

Do you think it's worth your money to get these especially if you're Pokemon fans? Share your thoughts below and don't forget to like us on Facebook!

1 comment:

  1. I definitely won't be getting these. Not really a Pokemon fan but they don't even look like other minifigs.