Sunday, February 26, 2017

Droid Transport from Star Wars Episode I Bootleg Lego by Lepin

Some prequel trilogy love!

Damn, Lepin doing work. Good to see them working on things other than Lego Batman Movie! 

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  1. I went to the real lego store I'm my city
    Wow I think lepin has copied about 80% of the sets currently in store.

    Still no Hoth sets made yet. Any new they will make the big attack on hoth set?

    1. No news. :( But I think we can get our hopes up, except Lepin's really random with their releases. Sometimes they release new ones, and sometimes some unexpected old ones. So just stay put and enjoy their other releases for now :D

  2. True I'm waiting for slave 1 and the y wing to drop in price. Imperial shuttle too. The A wing and Vader's tie fighter is an amazing set

  3. The development of knock offs this last two years is amazing. I keep waiting for it to end.