Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lepin 22021: Fighter Plane Build Bootleg Lego MOC F-26 Tempest

I don't think this design is from Lego.. 

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I don't know why it's named Space Fightep. Yes, with a P. It doesn't look like a space vehicle at all, maybe a World War I/II fighter plane? Still, can't say it doesn't look great. 

Lepin, again with the more-than-one-announcement-per-day routine.. Amazing. 

Know where this set came from? Or if maybe it's even an original? Share your thoughts below and don't forget to like us on Facebook!

UPDATE: Apparently this one is a MOC. Also known as F-26 Tempest. Details can be found here! Let's give its designer John Hall some credit. From a positive perspective, it's such a great design that Lepin put in that much effort to get it released!


  1. Crazy Presale price. Aliexpress pretty expensive this last while. I want knock offs at knock off prices

    1. Yeah, it's really sad that they're selling at expensive prices when most of us buy from them to get them cheaper.. Especially since Lego is expensive and even more expensive in third world countries..

  2. We should organize a boycott. We can message the stores with the same message wanting better prices. If enough people message and don't buy it might work

  3. Its a MOC -

    F-26 Tempest by Jon Hall

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