Thursday, February 9, 2017

Single Marvel and DC Minifigs from Sheng Yuan

These are old minifigs, and maybe that's why I didn't notice that Sheng Yuan released them. 

I know a lot of you aren't interested in these minifigs anymore since they've (some at least) been released by POGO, XINH, Lepin, and even Sheng Yuan themselves before. 

The more important news here is that I guess this is a good sign that SY's back to producing single sale minifigs. Though again, I'm not sure how new this release is. 

Notable things from the picture though: Doc Ock's chest is placed backwards I think, White Tiger's horns/ears look like they're just white Darth Maul horns and not "cat horns", and Green Goblin's headpiece's ears look new to me + his pumpkin bomb has flames like Ghost Rider's! 

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  2. Im still going to buy them even i already have from other brand. SY's quality print is hard to resist.

    1. Yehp! Duo Le Pin and Sembo Block are also allegedly owned by SY and well it's not hard to believe since the quality of DLP is pretty great. Haven't seen SB models in person yet so yeah.