Monday, February 20, 2017

Star Wars Rogue One AT-ST from Lepin

Don't know if this is really new or not but might as well post about it. 

I really don't know much about this one and how different it is from other AT-STs released in the past. One thing's for sure, the minifigs included weren't in previous, non-Rogue One sets haha. 

Still pretty different from the UCS bootleg I saw before over here

Side note: I find it funny that the Imperial Officer's face is closed up on the AT-ST's window.. I mean, how is he even controlling the thing with his face over there?? Haha. 

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  1. Again a great set but aliexpress stores charging too much. Seems there are less deals on big sets. I expect a lepin set to be 50% or less then an original. Still amazing deals on minifigures.

    1. Yeah... I don't get why Ali sellers started increasing their prices.. :(