Saturday, March 25, 2017

KL Brand KL025-032: Marvel Inhumans and X-Men Phoenix Five Minifigs

What is this brand?

I recognize some of the designs from Leyilebrick! Was counting on POGO to release the Inhumans as their own set along with the Phoenix Five X-Men ones.. Still hoping for a POGO release.. I don't know anything about this brand.. 

The Deadpool on the other hand, we've seen from DLP already!

So, I did a bit of research and here are the names in chronological order:
Deadpool (Earth-5700), Medusa, Karnak, Crystal, Emma Frost (Phoenix Five), Colossus (Phoenix Five), Dazzler, Hope Summers.

Hope Summers' chest though has the Phoenix symbol, so I'm not sure if she's from an alternate Marvel universe or if she really has the Phoenix symbol or whatever..

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  1. Definetely worth trying

    1. Will definitely try this brand out! I'm aware they released some football and Harry Potter minifigs, i'll try to look for those guys and see if they're any good. But knowing these are Marvel minifigs, I think I'll still pick them up in the end. I'll share with you guys asap! (Hopefully soon)