Kopf 8002: Star Trek Minifigs Bootleg Lego

From Kopf "brand"

I am no Star Trek fan but I know how huge their fanbase is so here's to you guys! 

Still, I'm not very fond of Kopf. From what I know, they're not even a brand but just resellers. Still, they release new designs earlier than most. I just hope POGO or XINH creates these guys with better quality. But who knows, maybe Kopf didn't do so bad with these guys too. 

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  1. Not a big fan but these look fun enough to be added to any lepin city

  2. All based on customs at minifigures.com

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  4. The balls on these bootleggers are the size of plums. They will copy and rip off anything and anyone.

    Thanks for the link, I've never heard of this place. I'm glad pogo has.


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