Monday, March 6, 2017

Lepin 16042: Pirates of the Caribbean Silent Mary Ship Bootleg (Lego 71042)

Piracy is stealing. Stealing is a crime. Piracy is a crime. 

Looking like a very complex  build. Though looks interesting still! I'd love to see this set in person but I'm afraid that it might cost a lot.. Haha 

The minifig pictures got me thinking that Lepin will be releasing single sale minifigs. Guess I was wrong..? 

Will you be picking this up? Or will you be saving your money for something else? Share your thoughts below and don't forget to like us on Facebook


  1. The ghost pirates look very cool. I need minifigures for my haunted house and will build a graveyard too.

    1. Let's hope someone makes single sale minifigs then cause this set looks amazing which means it might be expensive.. Hahaha

    2. youre a scam. supporting thieves, jeez. get a life. they are just stealing the work of LEGO. a big group of people spend years designing this set and they just steal it in 1 second. lepin needs to pay!

    3. Well that's sad.. I get where the hate is coming from.. But not all of us can afford Lego and even if we can, sometimes the availability of certain sets is next to nothing.. But yeah I do respect the people over at Lego and I do feel a bit guilty about these bootlego sets but for me, and a lot of us, it's bootlego or nothing.. :(

  2. I know. And I haven't gotten into the ships yet. So many good ship sets.