Saturday, March 18, 2017

POGO 966-969: Four Doctor Who Minifigs

Bootleg Lego Doctor Who anyone? 

Not a fan of the series, but I'm open to knowing more about them! 

Kopf released some Doctor Who minifigs before, but personally I think POGO does minifigs better (based on my Jessica Jones/Jewel KF minifig) 

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  1. But Kopf just resell. Often their figures are Pogo. I'd say that was the case here BUT the Peter Capaldi doesn't match the KF wave - unless their renders are off. Hopefully I'll find out soon as I've ordered the KF wave.

  2. These are copies of the official Lego Ideas set. The previous Doctor Who set were copies of a submitted Lego Ideas set. These look better as they were at least official figures.

    I'm hoping someone will copy the rest of the Doctors from the Dimensions game

  3. Good figured to add to the highlander poolhall/detective set. Some plaid and tweed, perfect