Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bela 10616: Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Dorm

Not a fan of these types of figs, but I'm sure some people are! 

That's a sweet invisible motorcycle! 

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  1. Nice minifigs actually. I have original Batgirl set from Lego and I don't mind in any boorleger would issue minifigures separately.

    But I don't trust Bela. I would prefer Lepin, but they announced only Superhero Acadeny from this series so far.

    Also originals (smaller) sets are not that expensive.

    1. Is Bela still bad? I was planning on getting their GOTG Milano, from GOTG 1, but I wasn't sure about Bela. + That set was released years ago already which makes me more scared of buying Bela..