Sunday, April 16, 2017

KL Brand KL026: Inhumans' Medusa Minifig Review (KL Brand Quality Review)

Got my hands on 3 KL minifigs! The others from the same set weren't available yet in my local store.

From left to right, it's Karnak from the Inhumans, Phoenix Five Colossus from the Mutants/X-Men, and of course the Inhuman queen: Medusa, who will be our focus for this post!

KL printing is quite good. Not wow, but also not bad. In the same level as POGO or XINH or KF or WM. 

The plastic quality on the other hand is a different story. Look closely at the hairpiece, there's a bit of orange plastic on top. Easily cuttable but still. 

If you look closely at the hair piece again, there's some sort of scratch with white plastic marks on it and it's such a deal breaker. Same goes for the left arm where there's a line of white plastic as if it just got removed from its runner.. 

Before anything, take a look at the painted legs. Not dual molded. Printing could've gone better. DLP for me is still the king of leg prints haha. 

Better view of the legs. Black on white floor. 

Side view without the hair. Simple. 

This is the back face. For my minifig though, the head is so hard to remove/move and until now I haven't moved it. Fortunately the face I prefer is the one on default haha. 

KL brand is a welcome addition to our minifig makers! It just sucks that my Medusa is a bad one. I honestly think that the bad plastic on my Medusa was an isolated case because my Karnak and Colossus from KL too are just as good as POGO/XINH. 

I'll add in reviews of Colossus and Karnak soon! Then maybe their whole set when I complete them! 
And of course, WELCOM KL BRAND! 

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  1. Her face is good. I think it can be used to make a Batwoman out of her.

    Btw why did you stop posting on reddit? Bootlego is almost dead without your updates.

    1. Can't post links to my blog because it's not allowed, aka "self-promotion". I'll try to update there again though soon. Just felt a bit discouraged because I assume someone reported me which means someone doesn't like my presence there. But I will still try to update with no links to the blog just pictures :D

    2. Might be some dudes from Lego sub. I've noticed some time ago somebody downvoted almost every post in bootlego.
      I don't think it's locals from bootlego who reported you, because they almost don't post news themselves, etc. Absolutely no point to report you for them.

    3. Yeah probably.. Sad huhu. At least the Lepin subreddit seems healthier :D

  2. The problem with KL brand is they keep us hanging! Why only these 3? Where are the others Inhumans and Phoenix Force? - Jpoks

    1. I know right! Hopefully it's just the sellers' faults that's why we don't have the others. But still yeah, I know there should be a Phoenix Five but we only get Phoenix Colossus and Phoenix Emma Frost from that set..