Thursday, April 20, 2017

Decool 6801-6808: BrickHeadz-like Superhero Builds

Done by LoZ before already.

Decool 6801 - Bat Hero or Batman
Decool 6802 - Droll or Joker
Decool 6803 - Superboy or Superman
Decool 6804 - Magic Heroine (aka Superboy lol) or Wonder Woman
Decool 6805 - Captian or Captain America
Decool 6806 - Iron Hero or Iron Man
Decool 6807 - Dark Panther or Black Panther
Decool 6806 - Dr. Magic or Dr. Strange

This is a great looking set. I love the BrickHeadz line except they're quite expensive for me + only a few characters have been made. 

On a different note, these names are hilarious, Decool! HAHA! Also, if you guys are interested, LoZ has done them before already with a couple of MOCs or at least not official TLG designs like Spider-Man, Ant-Man, even Transformers.. Haha. 

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