Wednesday, April 26, 2017

DTB DTB003: Marvel's Shang-Chi Minifig MOC/Figbarf

Don't know if creative or forced. But I love the guy so here you go!

Wanted the design on the left more but harder to figbarf. The second one was also good for a classic look but again, harder to figbarf. If you guys have any ideas on a Shang-Chi figbarf with these guys, tell me okay? :D

So basically this is where he's based from. A martial artist with red pants. Generic but well it works, more or less! Haha.

These are the parts I used. Basically WM200 Bruce Lee + red pants. I actually didn't know if I had extra red minifig legs, and apparently I didn't. My Flash minifigs and Iron Man minifigs and Deadpool minifigs had unnecessary print. Then I saw this arguably horrible Batman minifig from an old SY295 set (reviewed here by the first bootlego blog I ever followed. What inspired me honestly.) The buff legs look great + the addition of black also matches Shang-Chi's color scheme.

Shang-Chi in action against The Hand!

*rip MCU streak of good reviewed shows/movies*

(That black spot on Iron Fist's head was erased thanks to this)

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  1. I'm thinking maybe you mean a MOC? My Own Creation. A Figbarf is a whole bunch of figures all randomly thrown in to a photo, just to show a heap that you're working on at once.

    Also, I really enjoyed Iron Fist. I don't know anybody that watched it that didn't like it. I have to wonder where the critics were coming from with this, although it probably didn't help that they were only given the first 6 episodes to watch and had to judge the whole show as if that was it.

    1. But your figure looks good, by the way.

    2. Ohhhh I honestly thought figbarf = a MOC but instead of custom printed decal stuff, people just "recycled" parts from other figs.. Thanks for the heads up!

      Also, YES I loved Iron Fist too and I don't get why critics hated it so much..

      And thanks! :D