Tuesday, April 11, 2017

DTB: My Haul for April 11, 2017

Was actually in the process of building the minifigs but my fingers told me they're in pain.. Haha. 

SY Dr. Strange Sanctum + DLP Spider-Man Wave 3 (or 4) + SY 627 Falcon Commandos + Decool Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) 

There's also DLP Zombies vs Soldiers Minifigs + Assorted minifigs for my MOCs and well collection. 

I love this set but I don't know if I should've bought it or just bought the 3 minifigs from POGO/XINH.. Still, I think the build is still great. Just not sure if I have enough space for it.. 

A welcom addition to my Spider-Man addiction! I love DLP for making Spider-Men. Just really really bothered because no bootlegger has made a simple Black Suit Spider Man yet..

Some assorted stuff. LEBQ Ninja simply for the face mask which I regret because it's more brown than red in my opinion and I wanted red.. The Tan soldier's body for a MOC and the 3 other insurgents for well generic henchmen haha + MOC parts if ever needed. 

On the other hand, Hydra Captain, Hawkeye (CW), and Spider-Man (CW) were the only three I found interesting in their set and I'm glad I found them single sale! Red Hulk is for a MOC I'm working on hehe.

FINALLY. AFTER SO LONG! The quality of the minifigs themselves don't look too good though especially for Drax and Star-Lord.. I could share with you guys if any are interested but I'm just glad Vol. 2 Guardians are coming out soon, I can just replace parts. 

I'll be using these guys as SHIELD Soldiers. Lol! 

Wait a minute.. Yehp, only noticed now too.. There are duplicates.. Which means I didn't get the other guys from the set too.. 

Should I return? Or should I keep? Take note that I just wanted these guys as Hydra Henchmen anyway.. Was even planning to buy 2 sets of these for creating a mini army but budget constraints lol. So yeah, help please! 

Oh and also picked up 4 POGO White Walkers from GOT! They could pass as Frost Giants from Marvel/Thor! 

Tell me which ones from my haul you want me to review or talk about first! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or share them through facebook!


  1. I really like the new direction you are taking with your blog. It's very cool to see what you are getting yourself and not just what's coming out, although you are my main source on what's coming out.

    1. Strange Sanctum I'm most interested in a review of. Is it cool enough or too simple? The desk the book shelves are they good enough. I love the tentical thing.