Saturday, April 29, 2017

DTB: Spontaneous Haul for April 28, 2017

Kinda unplanned shopping.. Haha. 

Mostly minifigs really!

Completed the KL Inhumans + Mutants set. Disappointed. Will post review soon! A day or two from now.

Here are the minifigs. + a spider build from DLP.

This column = some of the old minifigs I've always wanted but couldn't find anymore. Thankful that I found them.

These are the newer ones.

And these guys are the ones I was kinda hesitant to pick up [or spare parts too]. Since one of my local stores had a huge sale on these older minifigs, I decided to pick them up already. 

The others are also spare parts only.

I'll be sharing a review on DLP 506D featuring Spider-Mech and of course the newer KL ones.

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