Sunday, April 30, 2017

Duo Le Pin DLP506A: Deadpool (X-Men Costume) Review [Versus KL025 Deadpool]

This Deadpool is actually Deadpool from Earth-5700.

This is the box. Really really easy and quick to build. 

Just two bags out of the box + 1 sheet of instructions. 

This is Deadpool with the jet thing. NOTE: He doesn't come with the DLP baseplate. I simply included him to differentiate himself from his KL counterpart. 

Let's start with the jet thing even though I'm sure most of you guys are reading this for the minifig; I still might as well review the jet thing already. Magis. (Or more than what is expected of you. Haha.)

Those things that look like guns right beside/in front of the cockpit can turn. 

Those things on the sides of the joystick piece move as mentioned above. In terms of other movable parts, there's only that joystick. 

A back view of the jet. 

It's really weird how this thing was designed. Deadpool can't fit inside the cockpit with his swords on his back. He has to remove the swords to fit inside. The fun thing is, since this is a brick-based toy, we can alter that any way we want to! Though a sword holder would have been appreciated if they chose to keep the two stud wide cockpit. 

Deadpool tried. Deadpool failed. I guess he's gonna stick to his taxi cabs. 

Now off to the minifig. Again, he does not come with the baseplate. I'm just using that DLP one to differentiate from KL. 
Printing's pretty solid and sharp for the most part, but it's honestly not what I expected from DLP especially since I haven't had any bad encounters with DLP. 

Here's the back view. 

Side view. His arm's blue print is just slapped on it and does not go all the way around it. Which means no dual molding. 

Clearer view. Honestly, I'm no fan of these slapped on colors. 

Now to the more important part, the comparison with KL. DLP has been around for far longer and is supposedly owned by SY or something like that. So let's see how KL is doing against DLP. 
DLP's printing is far sharper and looks more precise. I only wish I had a better camera to show you guys better. Still though, when it comes to the torso, the DLP minifig wins! When it comes to the head, I'd say it's a tie; it'll really just depend on your preference on the alignment of the head/print. 
Oh and also, his underwear piece varies per brand. Make sure to see which undies you want! Haha. 

The back view. Sorry about the lighting, but DLP's swords are more on the dark grey side while KL's are more on the light grey. I doubt those would matter too much though. Also, if you haven't noticed, the sword sheaths/packs are different: black for DLP and brown for KL. Again, it shouldn't matter a lot. 
Now to the more important part, the legs. I'm gonna talk more about the front of the legs in a while, but let's focus on the back part for now or the legs in general. Looking at KL's, you'd see that it seems to be dual molded mainly because the blue and yellow go all around the legs while in DLP's, the yellow is simply slapped on, leaving lots of blue at the back as shown in the picture above. 

When it comes to the side, what really matters are the arms. It's the same case with the legs. The colors of the KL go all around the arms while for DLP, it's simply slapped on. Dual molded? Not sure but for DLP it's surely not, and simply painted on/applied on. So for the arms, I think the win goes to KL. 
Also, minor detail on the legs, DLP has a black line that separates the blue from the yellow. I honestly think that adds a lot to the minifig's design, but paired with DLP's arms, it doesn't look so good. 

No back head printing for both of them. For the back of the torso though, DLP's is still sharper and still retains it's "win" compared to KL. Pay attention to the pouches on his belt to see how much better DLP's print is. 

A closer look at the torso and the arms. DLP wins for torso for the sharper printing. KL wins for the arms for the better coloring [even though the coloring seems to be a bit faded once closer to the torso]. 

More on the legs. Again, we see how the color yellow on DLP's Deadpool is slapped on when we turn his legs. You'll see that right under his torso, the legs are blue while KL's has solid yellow. Though perhaps what's more annoying for DLP's minifig are those black lines separating the blue from the yellow. I don't know if that's supposed to be a design or not, but why aren't they straight? Also, right under the curves of the legs, there's a line of blue meaning the yellow has been erased/not printed properly. 
I'd honestly give the win for the legs to KL, but my KL's left foot is a bit yellowish/greenish.. 

Why are they positioned like this!? Well, the sword and sword pack of KL was very loose. Shake the floor a bit and those swords on the right [KL] would fall. DLP's swords on the other hand are fine and fit very nicely into the backpack thing. 

Oh almost forgot, look at Deadpool's left leg. See that blue line? That's the misprint I was talking about. Perhaps if it was dual molded, there wouldn't be such a problem. Also, look at how that black line isn't straight again. Who wins? 

TL;DR. I think it would be best to combine the minifigs if you had both. But only IF you have both. 
The battle per part: 
Head = Tie
Torso = DLP
Arms = KL
Legs = Tie
[DLP if printing was good even if the designs were slapped on. (No erased, misaligned print)]
[KL if they had better quality control, meaning YOUR KL Deadpool may be better than mine.]

If you're looking for this Deadpool though, I think it wouldn't be worth it to get the DLP one if you already have access to the KL one. I know that DLP506 is pretty rare, so stick to the KL one if you can. If you end up having both, then just mix and match the parts you want. I honestly didn't want to pick this set up, but I wanted to share with you guys how KL is doing compared to this already established bootlegger. I have to say that KL is actually doing good; JUST BETTER QUALITY CONTROL PLEASE. 

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