Saturday, April 29, 2017

KL Brand KL025-KL032: Mutants and Inhumans Minifigs Review

Previously seen here!

Check this link for their names and numbers. I'll be focusing on the ones I haven't reviewed yet. For the others, Medusa, Phoenix Five Colossus, and Karnak, just click their names for their solo reviews!

Let's start with the side pics.
From left to right:
Crystal - KL028
Emma Frost (Phoenix Five) - KL029
Dazzler - KL031
Deadpool - KL025
Hope Summers - KL032

So we still see those overlapping printing from the front/back of the legs toward the side. Not too much of a big deal but still worth mentioning.

These are Dazzler, Emma Frost (Phoenix Five), and Hope Summers. Front print isn't the best, but it's not too bad too. The worst part about KL is their quality control. Their minifigs are hit or miss, and I mean that individually. I think we can say that there are a lot of isolated cases, meaning that with proper quality control, their minifigs would be great but too many of them have defects/errors/misprints/unclear prints/etc.

Still, it's certainly not like the other bad brands like LEBQ or itoys wherein more often than not, their base minifig is bad and it's not just an issue of quality control/defect.

Back view of the minifigs.

No back printing for any of them from the set. [Except Medusa, click the link above to check her out.]

Here's an example of KL's bad molds/plastic. This isn't the only time a KL minifig's hair was in bad quality. See that piece of plastic hanging from it? Easy to cut, sure, but still worth mentioning. Also, the part of her hair on her shoulder has those nub marks that you can't really fix/cut.

And here, through Emma Frost, I'll show you the print/color/quality inconsistencies of KL. The picture above shows one side of her arm with blurry printing/faded printing. While the pipcture below looks fine. 

For Dazzler, one of her arms seem to have left a molding spot. [Or whatever that's called.] There's that small hole on her arm and it's a bit bothersome. Not to mention some mildly faded printing. I've yet to see if all Dazzler minifigs have this or just mine.

Off to Deadpool and Crystal.

Back view.

Are Deadpool's legs dual molded? And why aren't Crystal's? Though honestly I don't mind much, espcially if you'll still be left with bad quality legs.

Without the camera, you can more easily see how Deadpool's left foot is a bit yellowish/greenish. Something must have gone wrong at the factory or something. I'm almost certain this is an isolated case. Though even if it's an isolated case, there have already been too many errors, different kinds of errors, for different minifigs.

Another detail would be that plastic nub left on his sword sheath. What a shame.

There's also a bit of plastic still remaining in his right foot's back hole. Not much of a big deal really but still worth mentioning to show KL's quality control.

TL;DR. KL has some great desisgns. I think I would compare KL to the early days XINH and POGO. I hope they keep improving. They already have great minifigs and honestly, if they had better quality control, they'd be one of the top bootleggers on my list. But with the constant inconsistencies and errors, I think it's best to look closely at the minifig in person before buying, or maybe even buy 2 of the same set so you have extra parts. Hopefull their next set will be better.

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  1. Good review!

    Deadpool legs are not dual molded most likely. If they were, they would be solid blue. Looks like they are just colored. Legs dual mold is different from arms - in arms you can't see separation, but in legs there is clear joint line. Like 2 parts were molded separately and then glued together.
    Dunno if it's visible here Xinh and Lego (both dual molded):

    I aslo heard KL is Pogo's sister brand, but I have no idea if it's true.

    1. Thanks! And yeah that line thing on the legs made me think Deadpool's legs are dual molded. If they are dual molded, then KL did a bad job, so I'm gonna stick to no they aren't dual molded haha.

      Also heard that KL is POGO's sister brand too, but so far POGO minifigs are better, at least the ones now. I hope they help each other out.

    2. Oh and I didn't know XINH did dual molded figs.. I wonder why not all of their minifigs are dual molded. (I mean at least to those who could use dual mold, like those they copied from TLG)

  2. Thanks for the review! Time to order! - Jpoks