Friday, April 21, 2017

KL Brand KL027: Inhumans' Karnak Minifig Review

My third KL minifig! 

Printing's pretty decent just like the others. The arms though, look at that wrist, I don't know if the print was supposed to go around the whole wrist but I doubt it so that's an error. I actually only noticed it now in the picture and not with the minifig itself.. 

Not so perfect printing alignment/accuracy. Though the print quality is solid and not faded or anything like that.

No alternate face for Karnak. Legs have some back printing though.

All my three KL minifigs for now. Will still get all the others from the same set when they become available though :D 

TIP: If you're buying from local stores/buying in person, make sure to check the minifig before purchasing for print errors or defects. I think I could've gotten a better Medusa or Karnak if I had sharper eyes and saw the small defects earlier. 

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