Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Kopf KF141: Jessica Jones Minifig Review (Kopf Quality Review)

A look at Kopf minifigs' quality!

This is how she is when displayed at my house! She's been customized a bit though because I didn't like certain aspects of the minifig. More on this below. 

For reference, the one above is the CG art of the minifig itself. I honestly didn't like it the first time I saw it. But thankfully the end product was better [and more accurate to the comic costume].

This is the actual Jessica Jones minifig by Kopf. If you didn't notice, the thing I changed are her arms. The arms were just awful in my opinion. Which is why I chose to use "bare skin" arms instead. 

Those are the arms removed. I think Kopf was trying to achieve a long blue gloves look on Jessica but in my opinion they failed.. 

Also worth noting: even the skin printing on the blue arms are uneven. One side is bigger than the other. I think it also would've been better if they used flesh arm then added the blue printings.

No back face. 

This is my altered Jessica Jones. Had to say goodbey to the long blue gloves. No regrets. 

Just a back side view.

I think this is a way better design then Kopf's original. 

Just some attention to detail. I'm sure lots of people would be bothered by the huge "bezels" of the torso and its print. That's looking close though, personally it didn't bother me too much. (But it still did lol)

Side view. Better.

 A look on the inside. For those who are interested in customizing minifigs and using this one for parts. 

For reference, this is Jessica Jones' comic look [for a while]. She's from Marvel too by the way! She also has a Netflix show featuring Krysten Ritter. Her costume in the Netflix show though is nowhere near this. Actually, she doesn't even have a costume I guess.. 

Is Kopf a good brand? Sure. Is it great? I wouldn't say so. It's certainly not bad though. Still, when beside SY or Decool or POGO or XINH, I think Kopf still has to catch up. Though we have to remember too that these brands have isolated cases lots of times. Example would be how POGO is hit or miss with quality of plastic and printing. Though if Kopf's worst is something like this, then I'm sure fans will love Kopf. 

Side note: We are still confused if Kopf is even a brand or just a seller. Lots of Kopf's items have been revealed to be from other brands, but this one and the set it comes from haven't been "claimed" by other bootleggers yet.. So let's stick to calling this one Kopf minifig! 

Thoughts on Jessica Jones? Thoughts on the review? How can I improve? I'm still on my way to improving my light box + [phone] camera setup, no time and money at the moment. Share them below and don't forget to like us on Facebook!



  1. I enjoyed your review. It's a nice mix from your what coming out posts.

    Kopf, who are you? I tried one of their Hoth Luke Skywalkers, wrong type of helmet.

    1. Well that's sad.. I still wanna know which brand really makes Kopf minifigs huhu. I'll also check my local stores and if I notice a Hoth Luke Skywalker, I'll update you on what type of helmet it had. Maybe yours was an isolated case haha. And thanks for the feedback! :D

  2. Here's some ideas on how to take minifigure photos very cheaply.

    1. I didn't know your site had a page like that! This is neat! :D Nice camera set up with the diffuser, I'll try it soon! Thanks for this!! :D

  3. This is Marvel's Jewel aka Jessica Jones. - Jpoks

    1. Oh yeah, and she also goes by the name of Knightress as well right? I just wasn't sure when she used the names and which costumes she had while using the names.. But Jewel it is then :D

  4. Attached is a JPG of Jessica Jones' comic book identities up to Marvel's Secret Invasion storyline: clockwise from top left, JJ as Jewel; top right, JJ as private investigator with Luke Cage; bottom right, JJ after marrying Luke Cage with their daughter Danielle; bottom left, JJ as Knightress. Both super hero identities were before her brainwashing and abduction by the Purple Man.