Monday, April 17, 2017

Kopf KF142: Classic Mystique Minifig Review

Sorry I didn't include her accessories with her. (Brown lightsaber hilt + green stud) Just didn't make sense for her.. 

Classic Mystique! Simple prints really, but still makes a good looking minifig!

The back view. Too bad the legs didn't have printing. There's a bit of plastic nub on the back of the hair and that really sucks because that's a piece you can't easily replace. Because...

...because the hair piece is actually unique with a skull design on it just like comics Mystique.

There's also no alternate face.

Side printing. Thank god they didn't add muscles to the arms! Haha!

Kopf Mystique vs POGO Mystique (from the movies). Some people may want to combine but I think in the comics, and for the most part, Mystique doesn't have scales so yeah, wouldn't wanna combine them. And both look great anyway except some would prefer comics version or movie version.

Just a back view.

Currently have only two Kopf minifigs. The other is Jessica Jones. Satisfied with both, especially since POGO or XINH or others haven't made these ones yet.

Oh, a minor issue though, her legs seemed loose but not loose enough that you can't make her stand without studs. Not so much of a deal breaker unless you're planning on doing figbarfs maybe.

Very happy that Kopf, or whatever brand this is that Kopf is using (thought this one hasn't been "claimed" by DLP or POGO or other brands I know of) delivered to us a good minifig!

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