Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Kopf KF6014: Various Marvel and DC Minifigs


Don't know how to react about this one since there are no new characters, just redesigns/recostumes.

First time to get the new Hulk bigfig on single sale though. 

KF217 - ANAD Iron Man
KF218 - Agent Venom (was made by XINH before but different design)
KF219 - Deadpool (Don't know where the design came from)
KF220 - White Batman (Don't know where the design came from)
KF221 - Superman (First time to see this costume honestly)
KF222 - Captain America (First Avenger movie costume? Looks great though!)
KF223 - Wolverine (Weapon X/His appearance in X-Men Apocalypse movie) 
KF224 - Hulk from new TLG Hulk set. 

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Our follower wickedlemon has given us the sources of the designs of the designs above,
Agent Venom and Batman from Onlinesailin,
Deadpool from Black Brigade, and
Superman and Captain America from Phoenix Customs.
The others, Hulk and Iron Man are from TLG while I still don' know where Wolverine is from.

More Pictures

Check here for more designs, it's a great database for minifigs!


  1. Agent Venom and Batman are Onlinesailin.
    Deadpool is Brick Brigade.
    Superman and Captain America are Phoenix Customs.

    1. Oh cool thanks I'll update the post later and give credit. I'll like to herobloks too if you don't mind :)