Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Lepin 05084: Star Wars Lookalike Rebel Alliance Snowspeeder

Still here to bring some "NEW" news! Haha.

Looks a lot like something that came from the year 2003..? Or do you think that it's a ship from the future, 2017? Haha. 

Okay forget the "discrete talk", this one really looks like the 2003 Snowspeeder, though it's important to note that there's a new Snowspeeder from TLG coming out soon and I would suggest that people look into the TLG one and buy that instead as well to support the Star Wars franchise and the hard work of the creators of the design! :) 

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  1. It's a time machine. Come on make the big hoth set already and not this crap. I want new crap. I want a wampa!!@

    1. Yeah hopefully they realize the demand for Hoth-related sets is huge and then make that set! Damn i would also want a Wampa.. Hahaha