Sunday, April 23, 2017

MR Brand MR258: Young Justice Minifigs

Still don't know anything about this brand but here you go 

It's interesting though that the codes of the minifigs are in ML and not MR. 

ML115 - Superboy
ML116 - Robin? Nightwing?
ML117 - Aqualad
ML118 - Robin
ML119 - Miss Martian
ML120 - Kid Flash
ML121 - Superboy? 
ML122 - Artemis

Not sure how similar this is to the one SY made, but if you want this and SY is availble, then maybe it's better to get SY since SY is still one of the best, if not the best, bootlegger there. 

Any info about MR? ML? Share them below or through Facebook!


  1. Those are indeed look like SY copies but with mistakes, set is SY250 btw
    Oh and here's the pic of SY:

    Strange that Nightwing was R as if he's still Robin. ANyway I'll get those most likely for quality check.

    1. I see. Weird, this MR. Hoping people find out more about them..