Tuesday, April 25, 2017

POGO PGPJ2018-PGPJ2024, PGPJ4013-PGPJ4018: Golden Minifig Medieval Armor and Weapons

Now in GOLD! Updated item codes below!

Some of these you guys have seen from me already, but the previous ones can be found here.

PGPJ2018 - Really like this design honestly
PGPJ2019 - Crusades helmet?

PGPJ2020 - GoT Unsullied helmet?
PGPJ2021 - Looks familiar but can't seem to get a name haha

PGPJ2022 - Also looks familiar
PGPJ2023 - Generic medieval helmet?

PGPJ2024 - Looks great but not familiar really

PGPJ4013 - Gold armor lol
PGPJ4014 - Gold armor lol

PGPJ4015 - Gold armor lol
PGPJ4016 - Gold armor lol

PGPJ4017 - Gold armor lol
PGPJ4018 - Gold armor lol

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1 comment:

  1. First black came our and I ordered some. Silver a week later and no gold armour or helmets yet on aliexpress but I will get. I ordered the Lord of the rings castle during the sale and various knights. These new weapons and stuff will fit in.