Sunday, April 30, 2017

POGO PGPJ0025-PGPJ0033: Various Minifig Guns from Halo, Star Wars, and More!

Phew phew. Lol. 

PGPJ0025 looks a lot like the Rebels' blasters in EPVI.
PGPJ0026 does not look familiar to me.

PGPJ0027 is a bow with different arrows. I want one for Hawkeye!!
PGPJ0028 looks like some sort of machine gun. Don't know from where exactly..

PGPJ0029 looks like Boba Fett's rifle.
PGPJ0030 looks like the SMG from the Halo games.

PGPJ0031 looks like a Clone Trooper's blaster from EPIII, or basically phase II troopers.
PGPJ0032 doesn't look familiar to me, but perhaps a shotgun?

PGPJ0033 doesn't look familiar to me too..

If you guys know from where these designs come from, and molds too, please share them below!

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