Saturday, April 15, 2017

PSA: Differences of Nebula Minifig Among Different Brands

Just a quick heads up 

Just gonna talk about her because I haven't seen the others. These are not pictures of my Nebula, I still haven't bought one yet because I'm waiting to SY or Decool to make their own version. 

TLG's design will 100% of the time beat the two other brands but for other people's sake, here's a not-so-accurate comparison. Not so accurate because again, these are not pictures of live minifigs. 

I did however see the POGO and XINH Nebula in person and I was a bit surprised that they were different. The XINH one seemed to have silver pieces on her torso (which is apparently a result of all those tiny lines on her armor) while the POGO one above looks like that. Some people might find the XINH one better but of course some might not want it. This is just a heads up for anyone ordering GOTG Minifigs. 

I know lots of you guys are ordering everyone from the movie from one brand only so knowing this may be helpful. If any of you have spotted any other differences from the other characters as well, please share them below or through facebook!

Photos from Google Images. I am not affiliated with the Ali seller watermarked in one of the pictures above. 

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