Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sheng Yuan SY846: Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum Set Review

An interesting mini-medium set! 

The set comes with a small part of Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum and three minifigs inspired by the recent movie: Doctor Strange, Karl Mordo, and the Ancient One!

It also stars this tentacle monster guy from another dimension!

First glance and you see lots of knick knacks in the sanctum. Bookshelves with interesting artifacts and the iconic Sanctum Sanctorum window look great.

There's also a chest with a golden key and a red gem. I don't know what they are but they do add to the magical vibe of the set. Also, letters on the floor! Gosh, Doctor, why can't you clean up your place!?

The middle table can easily be removed too. And it's an interesting piece because of the two letters on top of it, their famous wi-fi password and even a letter from Stark. Wow. What's not so good is that the invisible pieces for simulating minifig levitation, yes that transparent stick thing, tend to get caught by the table's borders and might create scratches for both parts.

Oh and more letters on the floor. Books and maps actually. Ever heard of a tablet, Strange? Just kidding hahaha.

Here's a look at the minifigs in flight, controllable through a lever-esque piece at the back. (Bigfig Kingpin is at the back pushing the lever down)

Oh this is interesting. This one was used in the movie. It's that chained lantern-looking thing that they used as some sort of weapon and it's here! I only wish there were more artifacts here like in the movie.

Here's another look at the invisible piece getting caught by the table. It can go both ways, get caught under the table or above it. Also, that sticker on the grey piece can't seem to stay stuck but maybe it's my fault cause my shaky hands suck with stickers.

Also, some of you may be wondering, if the set can its rooms. No, it can't. Those joint pieces are simply there to hold together the room but are not in anyway making movement allowable which isn't really a bad thing. At least the set remains and feels solid! It's not easilly detached from each part so that's a good thing! Easy to transport and maybe keep on your work desk or the like and it'd be easy to move it away when needed!

Here's the biggest sticker too! The other stickers involved are for the letters, books, and maps only. Just a few really, lost the picture of the sticker sheet, sorry.

Another bad thing about the set is the presence of those white plastic nub parts. Could've been easily avoided by using the other side but I didn't notice at first and as a 3D sculpting toy, that shouldn't be an issue. It's the only thing about SY that I don't like so far [in this set + another issue with the minifigs].

Just another look at the other bookshelf. Top hat for the classic magicians and a purple crystal. What do they mean? I don't know but they add to the magical vibe!

Now for a back view. There's really not much going on at the back except for a couple of controls.

Here's the gear system for making the mouth of the monster move! Check out some YouTube videos of the TLG version to see how it works. 

These are the levers for the flight system thing for the minifigs. Not a fan but kids might find it interesting.

You may be wondering what this one is for, well if you look at the front you'll see another ball. You can actually attach the cape of Dr. Strange there to make the cape look like it was levitating on its own. I don't know why they didn't use transparent parts for it though. 

Photo from TLG. 

Off to the minifigs. Front view!

Back view!

Alternate faces for Stephen and Karl.

Dr. Strange's alterations look great! It's only sad that The Ancient One didn't have here enchanted fans. Biggest disappointment of the set. She did have her own alterations in the form of the same ones as Dr Strange's.

And a view of Dr. Strange's back.

If you're gonna get this set just for the minifigs, just get the ones from XINH. 
The fans that the XINH version of Ancient One was lacking can't be obtained from this one too so might as well avoid spending more for the set if you just want the minifigs. Though that's not to say the set was good! It's a great, simple set! If you want more reviews of the set, simply check reviews of the official TLG design because they're practically identical. SY brick quality was good as always minus those little white spots.

There were a couple of extra parts but I lost the picture to them, because I took a picture of them before I did the review.. :(

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  1. Got the xinh minifigs but i guess quality wise sy is way on top

    1. Yeah, SY still the best bootlegger for me. Except for sometimes when they don't use certain parts like how they still don't use Black Panther's cat ears hahaha

  2. It's $20-25 canadian. I should have got it when it was $17. Still tempted.

    1. It's a relatively rare set on aliexpress, not in too many stores and for a time not anywhere.

    2. Surprised that it's rare on Ali. From my local stores I can get it 9-10 Canadian dollars (converted). But that's cause the stores may be sketchy and all. Third world country stuff hahaha. But again, if you're just after the minifigs, maybe just go with the XINH ones

  3. I kind of like the tentical demon thing. Looks like some interesting pieces. Yes ali has not been very cheap this last few months.

    1. What I kinda don't like is that GOTG Vol. 2 also has another tentacle creature thing in their new sets right? So yeah, gonna have two of those guys. Would've preferred a different type of creature from GOTG or even this one..

  4. Thanks, great review.
    I've ordered Batman SY set recently, but I am afraid for minifigs quality, some of previews show they didn't use new molds so they replace them with what they have. Let's see when I'll receive set.

    1. Yeah I don't know what's going on with Sheng Yuan and why they can't release new molds.. Hopefully the ones they release are updated from the previews. Good luck on your order! :)

  5. So I ordered it today. If I don't like it I can turn the monster in to a star wars sarlacc.

    1. Oh yeah it is quite similar to the sarlacc pit hahaha