Monday, May 1, 2017

Sheng Yuan SY846 Mod: Smaller Sanctum Sanctorum

A modification of this one reviewed here!

Just some having some fun with the nice background SY's Sanctum Sanctorum can give!

I loved the set honestly. The full set. Though I don't have a lot of space and the tentacle creature thing was really bothering my, space-wise at least. So I decided to remove the "walls" and also removed the transparent pieces for the levitation gimmick. Also removed the table to make the room look a bit more spacious. If you want, just compare it with this review post of the base design of SY846!

"Hey everyone!"

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  1. As long as the price difference is big compared to the bigger set, then I'll buy it.

    1. Oh hahaha yeah if these were for sale with the minifigs, I'd buy this instead. But yeah, I customized it myself just in case you thought a bootlegger was offering this :D Though I really do wish someone offered this or a bigger Sanctum Sanctorum haha