Saturday, April 22, 2017

SW Brand SW501, SW777, SW811, SW823: Admiral Thrawn, Han Solo, and Other Star Wars Minifigs

Another new brand?? 

SW501: Luminara? Don't know who she is since Luminara is wearing black right? 

SW777: Luke Skywalker EPIV, in his Stormtrooper outfit. 

SW811: Admiral Thrawn from Star Wars Rebels

S2823: Han Solo EPVI, just after being released from carbon freeze. 

So another new brand huh? I bet these aren't the only ones to be released but I did spot them. 

I am not in any way affiliated with the seller in the pictures. I actually suggest you guys wait a bit before purchasing, for other sellers to have these items as well. :) 

Really glad the pictures aren't computer generated too!

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EDIT: These are minifigs from POGO. Check them out here and here!


  1. They appear to be using the bricklink catalog numbers associated with the official versions of the minifigures.

    1. Which probably means the numbers are placeholders. I'll get back to this when I find out what brand really made this + what their real codes are..