Monday, April 17, 2017

WM Brand WM203: Old Man Logan (Wolverine from Logan 2017 Movie) Minifig Review

Another one of my WM minifigs! 

Without the claws, some people might not even recognize him as Logan. Still, if you know him as Logan, surely you'd appreciate this minifig. Printing's great and so is the plastic quality. Not in the TLG level or even SY level but good enough, better than some POGO and XINH minifigs. 

Beside his brandmate, Iron Fist from WM as well.

His grey hair piece has those white plastic nubs that we usually find in these bootlegs. Not a big deal anymore since it's so common.. 

Side view.

No side printing.

The back print is a bit smudgy but it's not too much of a big deal really. The front part's print though is pretty good, sharp and solid! Also, notice the black/brown mark on the head of Logan, thankfully he has hair; sadly I have the same issue with WM Iron Fist and it's worse for Iron Fist since he doesn't have a helmet/hair piece..

Don't mess with this old man!!!
(Soldier minifigs come from SY627)

Again, welcome WM! Like the new KL brand, thanks for making designs our usual brands don't make. Please keep releasing new and unique designs and surely, people will buy!

I also have a WM Bruce Lee, I'll be showing him off soon and what I did with him! A MOC/Figbarf! Hehe.

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  1. Bruce Lee vs old man!! Place your bets.

    1. Logan's got a healing factor, Bruce Lee just fights.. HEHE.

      Then again, Bruce Lee is real, Logan isn't.. HAHA