Monday, April 24, 2017

WM Brand WM204: Mr. Vampire's Lam Ching Ying Minifig

Mr. Vampire? 

Uhhh I really don't know the guy but I did a bit of research and found out he's a Chinese actor/character who's a vampire hunter. 

There he is in real life. See the resemblance? 

Interesting choice of characters, WM...

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  1. This is amazing. Where is it available or is it a custom minifig?

    1. Gasp!! I need this!! I also want to know where it is available.

    2. You can go to AliExpress and search "WM204" and this guy should come up. But I'm not an expert when it comes to AliExpress shoping cause I don't buy there so be careful and do your research for and which store and how to buy. :D

  2. Amazing!! Haha if I get the silk store he can shop there