Sunday, April 16, 2017

WM Brand WM207: White Suit Iron Fist Minifig Review (WM Quality Review)

A peek at that new WM brand! 

Here he is with Old Man Logan (from the Logan movie, not the comics Old Man Logan) Both are from the new WM brand. 

Solo pic! Printing's really good! Quality of the plastic is same as the usual POGO or XINH. Not as good as Lego or even Sheng Yuan but still not bad! Minor misalignment of printing but not too noticeable anyway. 

Mine has a scratch or a small black mark on the side of the head and it's really annoying. I have to be extra cautious when picking up these guys. I wouldn't blame WM too much because these kinds of things are normal in bootleg brands. 

Side view. Here you can see the minor misalighnment I mentioned above. Also, there's the annoying black spot. Yes, that's not a speck of dirt on your monitor or screen!

UPDATE: How I removed the black spot!

The other side, and look, no overlapping print from the back or torso because of that misalighnment. 

The back part. Simple but does a great job still! 

His insides, for compatibility concerns, especially for MOC people. The white legs are fairly common so that's no problem for a lot of you guys I guess. 

Oh and my 3 WM minifigs all had extra hands! Neat! 

And the [Netflix] Defenders finally welcome Iron Fist! Still need my Luke Cage!! 

Also, which is better? Yellow iron fist? Or orange?

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  1. This white costumed Iron Fist according to the comic in 2010 is the most powerful Iron Fist - Jpoks

    1. Wow didn't know that! But this is a great design honestly. Now I hope they make the new black and yellow one too hehe

  2. I think its better if they make it gold instead of yellow

    1. Now that would be interesting but I think lots of people would prefer non-chrome because of chrome minifigs being prone to scratches and the shine fading.. :(

  3. Did you try using a white eraser to clean the black mark? I use a Staedtler plastic eraser (other vinyl/plastic/polymer erasers would work too) to clean up bad paint job on minifigures. Just erase gently until the mark is gone.
    Hope this helps.

    1. You mean a pencil eraser? Or is that different? Thanks for the heads up, I'll give it a try as soon as I get to the school supplies store! Hehe