Sunday, April 30, 2017

WM Brand WM208: 12th Doctor with Chrome Sonic Screwdriver Minifig

Don't really know anything about Dr. Who but this looks nice. 

He comes with a chrome piece that should be his Sonic Screwdriver. Just a bit of Google searching to know these terms haha. 

This makes me wonder if WM is based in China since them making Doctor Who minifigs doesn't make sense.. Or maybe Doctor Who is huge in China? Or maybe I'm just naive and don't know what I'm talking about.. Hahaha. 

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Credits go to for the design. You can check their own here if you want a consistently good minifig! 


  1. Firestar are just a reseller for this. Comes from originally

    1. Oh I see. I'll update again haha :) Thanks!

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